Posted by: glasskeys | 09/01/2011

How to save money using Shop Savvy on the iPhone and iPad 2.

I recently learned of Shop Savvy during the last Triad tablet user group meetup and was pleased to learn it can scan both UPC and QR Codes.

I also learned at the meeting that it can help save money by displaying a price comparison table of a scanned UPC code of local and online stores. If an item can be found locally, the app can show the store location, map, and driving distance to the store.

It goes without saying that in the current rough economy, an application that provides quick price comparison information can be a useful tool that can help stretch each dollar just a little bit further.

Shop Savvy also has a host of other useful features such as creating shopping lists of items, Dropbox synchronisation, and the ability to export lists and scanned items to CSV format and attach in an email. Further experimentation scanning home pantry items showed me that Shop Savvy works best with common brands, a fact discovered whilst scanning the UPC codes of my orange jaffa cakes and Clancy’s Spicy Salsa tortilla chips (crisps). Both of these items were purchased at my local Aldi store. In fact none of the Aldi specific brands I purchased were found by Shop Savvy, which is a bit unfortunate, as Aldi generally has competitive prices and in my personal opinion higher quality products (please note that I am not employed by or own stock in Aldi). Lesson learned, not all chain supermarkets or stores are listed and searched by Shop Savvy.

So for food or items commonly found in the larger American store or supermarket, odds are higher that it will be listed in the Shop Savvy database. However for such items as say orange jaffa cakes (not common in America), the app gives you the opportunity to create an entry so that the photo, price, location, store name, etcetera, can be sent along to the Shop Savvy database in the sky, thereby helping other people in your community. Now if I could only remember what I paid for those jaffas and crisps…

Verdict: Get the free Shop Savvy app here at the App Store.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing software reviewed on this site.

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