This site is dedicated to all fanatics or otaku of touchscreen computing. This includes touch interface tablet and mobile devices. I want to share the fun and excitement of this new world of devices with others. I have experiences, techniques and ideas to share, and encourage others to do the same.

Glasskeys.com uses a modified version of the Ocean Mist theme created by a talented bloke named Ed Merritt from Bournemouth. I created the header image in photoshop, so don’t blame Ed for that!

A couple of years ago, I took a beginners photoshop course in London not far from Oxford Circus taught by a man named Milan Mandic. His skill is far superior to mine, but I am thankful he was the one that instucted me and gave me my first lessons on how to use photoshop. In return, I taught him about the wonders of burritos. :)

The age of tablet and touch interface devices is the beginning of a fresh new era in computing. The excitement surrounding these devices hasn’t been seen since the days of the personal computer revolution in early 1980s and was long overdue. It is also great once again to see small software companies and lone individuals with good ideas change the face of the IT industry, and provide their users quality offerings at very reasonable prices — and in many cases for free!

Lets share our experiences with touch interface devices and have a alot of fun in the process.

Stephen (glasskeys)



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  1. Do you have any articles out there on how to unlock a Verizon (US) iPhone? I went through a good bit of your archives but may have missed it.



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