Posted by: glasskeys | 08/30/2011

How to use multi-touch features with the Asus Transformer touchpad.

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Although many are aware that the Asus Transformer permits an optional attachable keyboard featuring a touchpad, many are not aware that the touchpad itself permits multitouch features in its own right.

Consult the screenshots above for examples of common multitouch operations using the touchpad. One of the most interesting tricks using the touchpad is using the pinch apart technique to view all desktop pages whilst on the Home screen.

Opinions may differ however on the utility of the white circles that are temporarily overlaid on the screen if using the touchpad. I find the feature useful, and whilst using two fingers, the system will show each finger represented as a circle on the screen. Contrast this with either no graphical representation of multiple fingers -or- the confused mouse pointer jumping about as commonly experienced on many desktop and laptop computer systems.

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