Posted by: glasskeys | 06/07/2011

Get 5GB of free cloud storage using SugarSync for Android, the iPad or iPhone.

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I recently read about SugarSync which is another “cloud based” backup/sync service available with free accounts of 5GB. It is available on a variety of different platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, the iPad and iPhone, Windows Mobile and the Blackberry.

The concept of course is very similiar to Dropbox, but offers more robust features and the ability to set multiple folders on a desktop for use much like a Dropbox folder. A note to the paranoid: SugarSync is not as secure as DropBox in that the file contents are encrypted after arriving to SugarSyncs’ servers via SSH connection. So if security is a primary concern for you (or your clandestine organisation) in my view you should investigate SpiderOak or Wuala.

If you prefer ease of use and features slightly more sophisticated for cloud based storage – signup for a free SugarSync account. Next tap or click the links below to download a client for your target platform.

Verdict: Get SugarSync for the iPad and iPhone here, and Android Market devices here.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing software reviewed on this site.

UPDATE 05 Dec 2011: Read this for instructions on how to integrate SugarSync with GoodReader.


  1. I’m using SugarSync since a few month and can only recommend it to you
    guys. It’s fast and supports multiple OS like Windows, Mac, iOS and

    You get 5 gb for free and when you use the b.m. Link you will get 5,5
    Gb for free. If you go for a premium membership (starts at 30 Gb) each
    of you will get additional 10 Gb for free.

    Check this out and get a 5,5 Gb account for free.

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