Posted by: glasskeys | 06/09/2011

How to use SugarSync with GoodReader on the iPad and iPhone.

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The screenshots above illustrate how to use SugarSync with GoodReader. Setup is simple though, use the following instructions to integrate the service with your GoodReader application.

First, select the Connect to Servers found on the right side of the window in GoodReader. Next, tap the Add button, and select SugarSync from the list of services in the Create New Connection window. Enter the appropriate Readable Title, User, and Password in the three fields given. I chose to enter “SugarSync” in the Readable Title field to distinguish it from Dropbox and other storage services. When finished entering the title and login credentials of your SugarSync account, tap the blue Done button and you will be able to browse your SugarSync files by tapping the account in the list of servers blue circled “>” button in the Connect to Servers list.

Enjoy using SugarSync with GoodReader! Incidentally, the “Magic Briefcase” folder is a handy area to share files between machines.

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  1. *sigh* This still does not work. I signed up for a SugarSync account and shared some folders from my Mac. I installed the SugarSync app on my iPad and logged in there as well. Then I followed the above instructions.

    When I click on the blue arrow to connect to SugarSync from GoodReader, I get the same dialog that was used to add SugarSync as a server, all filled in with my info, but with the “Save” button grayed out and an additional big green “Get Free 5GB Account” button.

    When I use that button (my only option except Cancel), it sends me to Safari and takes me to the SugarSync site to a page asking me to sign up for a free account. The page does have the GoodReader logo on it. The first time I logged into SugarSync again from Safari, but when I returned to GoodReader the dialog was still up. I canceled and tried to connect again, and got the same results (except I was already logged in to SugarSync from Safari).

    I re-entered my password carefully in the GoodReader server connection dialog, but that did not help, Then I deleted the SugarSync server from GoodReader and added it back again. Got the same behavior.

    I’d appreciate any pointers on what I might be doing wrong. This whole folder syncing thing has been so frustrating. Apple really screwed the pooch by not putting the functionality in, not even in the iPad *2*.

  2. Aaaaaand I just figured it out. Your instructions are incorrect. If you tap the blue arrow as instructed, you are *editing* the server record in GoodReader. What you need to do is tap the SugarSync server entry under Connect to Servers but do NOT tap the blue arrow.

    • rwolfcastle,

      I appreciate you pointing out the error – you are correct – I haven’t the foggiest on why I used the tap the blue circle to browse the file list, even though the screenshot plainly shows the server itself being selected. I appreciate the feedback.

      Kind regards,

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