Posted by: glasskeys | 04/28/2011

How to use Wuala as online storage on the iPad & iPhone.

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Recently I discovered Wuala (pronounced like “voilà”) an online storage service — after reading Leo Laporte’s twitter posts recently. Wuala in my mind would represent the progeny of Dropbox and SpiderOak. Like Dropbox it easily provides you an “online” memory stick functionality accessible from a multitude of devices. However, unlike Dropbox and similar to SpiderOak — the service encrypts your files before you send them to the “cloud” and has no knowledge of your personal encryption key. But like mutant children everywhere, it has unique features all its own. Case in point: Wuala offers a user more cloud storage if you volunteer storage on your personal computer for use. Wuala explains this concept in its FAQ:
Do I have to trade local storage for online storage?

No, you don’t have to. You start with 1 GB provided by us. If you need more, you can simply trade some space on your hard disk for additional online storage. However, this is optional. The idea with trading is not to give you more storage in total, but to change the quality of your storage: the ability to transform local storage into online storage that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, even when your computer is offline. You can also buy additional storage if you want.”

If you are interested in getting 1GB free first you must signup and install Wuala on your Mac, Linux boxen, or PC. After the sign-up and installation then you may use the Wuala application on your iPhone or iPad.

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