Posted by: glasskeys | 03/03/2011

How to use multitasking on the iPad & iPhone to free memory.

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Atomic Web browser is a great application to provide a warning to the user when memory resources are low. To illustrate the concept of closing applications, I used the browser to open multiple tabs of a favourite web site I frequent, and had many applications “running in the background”.

To close background apps, begin by using the multitask feature (double click Home button), then tap and hold one of the active app icons in the multitask ribbon. After the icons start dancing in the ribbon, tap the red minus circle on the app icons you wish “closed”. Each application closed frees up a bit of memory, providing faster performance and less chance of inexplicable application “crashes” or other odd behaviour.

NOTE: Closing an application is different than removing it. Ensure you see the multitask ribbon, if you receive a warning that you will be removing or uninstalling an application, you are performing this task on the Home screen – which is not the same as closing it in the multitask list.

That being said, when finished closing applications, click the Home button once and the application icons will cease their Mexican jumping bean antics, and a tap above the ribbon will return you to your active application.

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