Posted by: glasskeys | 01/18/2011

Bypass iPad 3G 20MB data limit part 2/5

Download and test GoodReader. The Goodreader icon on my screen has been marked with a red box for illustration.
GoodReader icon.

Start the application, this is the appearance of the “splash screen”:
GoodReader splash screen.

In iTunes find a video podcast you would like to view:
Podcast found in iTunes.

After you press the FREE button, this button changes to GET EPISODE:GET EPISODE

Shortly after the GET EPISODE button is clicked the “Item over 20MB” warning appears:Item over 20MB

I may be in the sticks, and there may be no coffee shops or free wireless anywhere, and since it is so boring I think that learning how to code for the iPhone will help me pass the time. But I also need to keep my video file, because it is an instructional video and I need to watch it over and over again.

With the help of a browser and GoodReader in the next step we start to do just that.

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