Posted by: glasskeys | 01/17/2011

Bypass iPad 3G 20MB data limit part 1/5

One issue I have encountered over and over whilst trying to download content over iTunes via 3G is the 20MB data limit. My contract (in America) with AT&T states I have unlimited download capability and yet I keep encountering this limit especially whilst downloading video content. Even youtube content is of a lower quality over 3G and is often barely worth watching.

The following screen by screen walk-through will show you how to bypass this restriction using an application called GoodReader. This application by far has been the best money (currently $2.99) I have spent in the App Store.

GoodReader provides a veritable cornucopia of utilities designed to make using an iPad much easier. The ability to interface with Dropbox, FTP servers, as well PDF viewing are just a handful of its features I have found repeatedly useful and are worth the price of the application alone. It also offers some rarely mentioned functionality I have been using to bypass the arbitrary download limit imposed on 3G iPad data users.

For this tutorial you must have GoodReader. Here is the link (Please note that I am *not* affiliated with the fine folks of GoodReader in any fashion).

This tutorial will be a presented in multiple parts covered in the next five or six posts.

UPDATE 07 Dec 2011: I have also found two additional ways to accomplish this. The first is a quick way using a little known fact about Goodreader on iOS using the ghttp method. The second technique makes it possible to transfer massive files in small increments, using the RAR files technique.


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