Posted by: glasskeys | 01/19/2011

Bypass iPad 3G 20MB data limit part 3/5

Open GoodReader, note how I have organised my folders at left, new users of GoodReader will not see these folders. Select the “Web Downloads” group, so that it appears like this:
GoodReader-Web Downloads

Select the “Browse the Web” option:Browse the Web

Enter “” and when google opens type “stanford itunes u” and click search, this is so we can find the Standford University iTunes U site like so:Stanford University iTunes U

Since we are looking for a work-around for the iTunes imposed 20MB limit, we need to find the same content, but not through iTunes. This last sentence is important, what would enable us to download the video lesson we are looking for, but not open iTunes? The answer is the RSS link provided by Google. A quick note, before the explosion of the term “podcasting”, people subscribed to “RSS feeds”. iTunes even allows you to enter the RSS feed if you are an old fashioned subscriber of “podcasts” or “netcasts” as others refer to them. So click the RSS link provided by Google, then select the “Follow the Link” option that GoodReader prompts us with:Follow the Link

Now, all of the RSS feeds by department and class are helpfully listed on this page, and we know that the video we want to watch will be found under the iPhone Application Development heading. And sure enough we see Winter 2010 under that. This is the class we want! This feed has our video, so we click the “Winter 2010” and “Open” when prompted to do so:Open

Immediately another prompt appears, asking what we want to do. This time we want to Download Linked File: Download Linked File

At last we see confirmation the RSS file is downloading & we click OK. Please note this is not our video file: Download confirmation, click OK

Next step we find out what to do with this mysterious file to find out where our video is really hiding.

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