Posted by: glasskeys | 01/06/2011

Your favourite mobile apps?

My favourite mobile application on my new phone is Skype. What is your phone and your best liked apps?


  1. I have an iPhone. I have had it for over a year now and it is still my favorite new toy ever(until I can get my hands on an iPad at least)!
    There are several apps that I really enjoy. For entertainment and amusement, I like Sudoku 2 by Finger Arts, Splode by Escalation Studios, Free Books, and iFish Pond (you can even catch and release fish!).
    To satisfy my geekiness I love the IT Crowd (Have you tried turning it off and on again?) and Red Dwarf soundboards as well as the Phaser and Tricorder. Finally, I am ever so fond of my Drama Button app. The Drama Button is so much fun to use to tease my friends and co-workers!

  2. I really like eBuddy, but being a *nix nut I’d have to say ConnectBot is nice. Being able to open multiple shells on my phone to work on the fly (while VPN’d in, of course) is fantastic.

  3. I will be downloading and reviewing many of these apps in the near future for review and screen walkthroughs — thanks again for the wonderful feedback.

  4. My favorite of all time app on the iphone is LINE2.

    Line2 let the user try out the service for free.(1 month)
    which give you unlimited calling and texting. if you’re connected to wifi, then it will work. currently i have travel to vietnam and connected wifi and managed to call home at no charge.
    Once the trial have expire, the monthly will run as low as $9.95.
    so i would recommend this app for future travlier or just plain saving money!


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