Posted by: glasskeys | 03/25/2012

How to setup Location Services on the New iPad.

  Maps application.   Tap location arrow.   Settings.  
  Configure Location Services.   Find my iPad configuration.   Enable Find my iPad.  
  Tap System Services.   “Privacy” switches.   App-specific location settings.  

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We live in a time when an ever increasing number of corporations, marketers, despotic governments, and fraudsters are prying in the personal business and affairs of tablet, mobile, and desktop computer users. Not only is this blatant abuse of powers quite despicable, the scum (esp. the corporate variety) that practice this abuse of power actually feel entitled to your personal data, much like a spoiled rich child demanding a designer handbag.

Logically, it would behoove (I have been looking for an excuse to use this word.) one to use any means at ones disposal to make the job as difficult as possible for the scumbags that practice the digital equivalent of opening sealed envelopes. To complicate matters further, some applications that run on your iPad or iPhone need access to a smidgen of your personal info for legitimate uses.

Location Services on the iPad and iPhone is an example of a situation where the user would prefer to share information with a specific app or small handful of apps, and in turn deny the privilege to others. As demonstration, and a practical example for use in the real world, I chose the Maps application on the iPhone and iPad in the screenshots above to illustrate how to singularly permit Maps access to your personal whereabouts and deny it to all other applications.

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