Posted by: glasskeys | 03/16/2012

New iPad unboxing photos and side-by-side comparisons of prior models.

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Finally the New iPad is available for purchase, with yours truly receiving his via trundling delivery van earlier this morning. With the rush of a new retina display dissipating, I pulled out my trusty iPhone and began snapping some obligatory unboxing photos that are expected of every new iPad or tablet review.

Because I believe that “unboxing” photos are becoming a bit cliché, I decided to justify my snap-happy fun and compare the new iPad with older models by way of a few side-by-side shots. These side-by-side pictures help show the “evolution of the iPad” from first to latest iteration.

On a related note, the photo of the iPads turned face-down best illustrates the differences in thickness between the three generations of the device.

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  1. The New iPad is tremendous hot!

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