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Nine photo editor apps reviewed on an Android tablet – part 3 of 3.

PicsArt - Photo Studio

PicsArt – Photo Studio provides a hefty set of easy to use image tools for image and photo editing,

PicsArt main menu.

Overlaying image with text. PicsArt provides easy to use “handles” for resizing, rotating and changing opacity options.

Changing the opacity of the overlay text:

The menu of available brush options:

Varied shapes are also included with PicsArt:

Much like the similarly named PicSay, PicsArt supports a healthy collection of callouts (word balloons) in a variety of shapes and colours:

Image resizing, rotation, and cropping tools:

Background and foreground colour scheme selections:

Verdict: Using PicsArt is an enjoyable experience, the application is stable, and the overarching philosophy could best be summed up as “give the user many easy to use tools without getting in the way”. Grab the free PicsArt – Photo Studio from the Google Play market here.

Skitch seems suited best for quick edits, such as overlaying images with text and arrow type of effects.


Skitch main menu:

The Skitch toolbox isn’t as overfull as the drawers are of the PicSay or PicsArt tool chests, but the tools that are available work quite well. I particularly like the text border effects it can produce:

If you are seeking a lightweight, stable image or photo editor tailoured for fast editing and the non-professional user, you can acquire Skitch gratis from the Google Play market here.

Adobe® Photoshop® Touch

Unlike Photoshop Express, Adobe has redeemed itself with the brilliant Adobe® Photoshop® Touch, which was able to find images in the gallery of my Android tablet.

Photoshop Touch splash screen:

Photoshop Touch manages to find my photos and images that Express could not:

Text bubbles provide short helpful hints, then quickly get out of the way on the first tap:

Placing text on image, note the handles surrounding the text box, that provide skewing and rotation effects:

Select from dozens of fonts:

Colour picker:

Adjustments options with examples:

Effects menu. Advanced features such as gaussian and directional blurs, and drop shadowing can be found:

An example application of a distortion effect:

Layers, a core feature of traditional Photoshop, is also available in the Touch version:

Full screen views are available whilst editing an image:

Verdict: If you are willing to spend the not so formidable sum of $9.99 (at the time of this writing), features found on the desktop version of Photoshop such as layers and special effects will be available to you on your Android tablet. Get it on the Google Play market here.

This concludes the last of the app reviews. In closing, Adobe Photoshop Touch for $9.99 is the best “for pay” image editor for Android tablets.

In the arena of low-cost or free applications image editors for Android tablets, PicsArt ranks first, and PicSay trails closely behind in second place. The honourable mention award goes to the BeFunky editor, which would have ranked higher if it had supported landscape mode use.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing software reviewed on this site.

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