Posted by: glasskeys | 02/11/2012

Using the Downloads App on Asus tablets.

  Tap the Sort By button.   Sorted by size.   Tap Last Month to retrieve history.  
  Last Month dialog options.   Tick file(s) then Action button.   Action dialog.  

(To view a larger image with a more detailed description tap or click a thumbnail.)

Downloads AppRecently upon flipping through the screens of applications on my Asus Transformer (TF101), I decided to play about and investigate the oft-overlooked Downloads app. Although I have seen the Downloads icon before on countless occasions whilst using my Transformer, I have admittedly not given it much thought and always made a mental note to “check it out in the near future”.

Playing around with the app has given me appreciation for this handy little utility. The ability to resume app downloads, look at download history spanning multiple months, and a rich selection of action options available for downloaded files warrant a well deserved place in your stable of Asus tablet utility apps.

Consult the screenshots above for a simple walkthrough of sorting the download list and options available in the Actions menu.

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