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How to use Find My iPhone to find your lost iPhone or iPad.

  Setting app – iCloud – Find my iPad.   Find iPhone app.   Sign with your Apple ID credentials.  
  Tap blue circle to see location.   More options available on map.   Remote Lock selected.  
  Enter a passcode…   …again for verification.   “iPad has been locked” email.  
  Passcode entry on locked iPad.   Turning off the passcode.   Setting area secured.  
  Tap Turn Passcode Off button.   Final passcode needed.   iCloud Website.  

(To view a larger image with a more detailed description tap or click a thumbnail.)

On release of iCloud and iOS 5, Apple added features to help customers recover lost or misplaced iPads and iPhones. If there is a remote possibility that you may need to recover your beloved iOS brethren at some point in the future, use the following instructions or consult the screenshots for an example illustrating how I was able to locate a “lost” iPad.

To use this helpful feature, first ensure that Find my Phone or Find my iPad is enabled. Toggle the switch ON, located under the iCloud category in Settings. If this category is not found in Settings you will need to upgrade to iOS 5 or higher. During the upgrade ensure to properly register an iCloud account, as you must have a working account to use the Find my iPhone/iPad feature set. Consult this post on how to determine your iOS version.

If locating a missing iPad or iPhone there are two options to choose from: The first is using another iOS device to locate a missing iPad/iPhone with the Find my iPhone application. The Find my iPhone App is found here on the App store.

The second option is using another Mac or PC to browse to the iCloud website, where the Find my iPhone feature is available as an option. Please keep in mind that the missing iPad or iPhone must be registered with an iCloud account and have the Find my iPhone or iPad setting switch toggled on. The iCloud page URL is

Regardless of method chosen, and upon locating your missing device(s), the Remote Lock and Remote Wipe options will be available. I initially choose the Remote Lock option so that a numeric passcode must be entered before the device can be used. Remote Wipe on the other hand is generally considered a last resort because the protection of data instead of recovery of the device is the higher priority. Consult the screenshots above for instructions on locating a lost iPad, locking remotely with a passcode, and how the passcode was turned off after the iPad was recovered.

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  1. Your scroll to bottom script is hugely useful and greatly appreciated – I shall be passing it on.

    Is there a way of extending its usefulness, so that I could save a bookmark for a specific page that opens the page at a fixed position down the page? For instance, iGoogle is near useless on the iPad because the first third of the screen is white space. Could a javascript favourite open my iGoogle page part way down, below all the white space?

    • After experimentation with Frames/iFrames etc the most reliable way I found is to use this as a bookmark…


      Replace the 400 with the number of pixels you wish to scroll down on a page. The other techniques I tried are frankly too unreliable. I actually got both a page to load with js setting the document innerhtml and scroll with a frameset. Essentially building a page that sets a frame and waits until load is finished to scroll — it works on some sites but not others as the frameset onload event method in JS is unreliable. I used this technique with and without the setTimeout method, that too is unreliable to due discrepancies in page load times.

      Using an iFrame presents its own set of problems I won’t bother to enumerate as it is also a clumsy kludge.

      So the only reliable option left is to simply wait until the page loads and tap a customised scroll bookmark like the one above for that page. We will have to wait until a real language can replace the disaster that is JS for a more modern web with methods that work as advertised.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Thank you!!!!

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