Posted by: glasskeys | 11/11/2011

Poll: Should I bother getting a Kindle Fire?

I love tablets, but they do starting taking up space about the house. So today on Glasskeys I am asking my readers if I should bother getting a Kindle Fire. A simple poll, but if you have any ideas on other tabs to get instead of the Kindle Fire — be my guest and leave a comment.

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  1. I say “no” because you already have a Nook Color. Yeah, the new Kindle is the “latest and greatest”, but like you said, these tablets can just end up taking up space after a while. It would be different if the contender were NOT another Android device (since you’d get to play with the Windows mobile OS, for example). That is not the case though. I would hold out for the iPad 3 instead, and see what that may hold :).

    • I think you are right & so do many others. :)

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