Posted by: glasskeys | 11/09/2011

How to safely eject Android Honeycomb and ICS devices in Windows 7.

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Ever since Google decided to use the MTP protocol, there has been some slight confusion for Windows and Mac users on how to transfer files to and from their Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) tablets to their computers.

One MTP related topic for Windows Android Honeycomb & ICS users largely overlooked has been how to safely eject these devices as is commonly done with devices connected via the USB port. The easiest way is to look for the Eject MTP menu function after clicking the Safely remove hardware and eject media icon on the Windows taskbar. Consult the screenshots above for a mini-walkthrough of the entire process of connecting, browsing, and safely disconnecting an MTP tablet whilst using Windows 7.

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  1. Looks quite straightforward. Problem is the option “eject MTP device” won’t show up on safely remove hardware and eject media…. Any guesses?

    • windows 8.1 pc and LG G2 android phone :)

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