Posted by: glasskeys | 10/14/2011

How to change the Asus Transformer touchpad mouse pointer.

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Today’s post addresses an issue relevant to owners of the Asus EEE TF101 Transformer tablet with the attachable keyboard dock with touchpad. As a previous post on multitouch using the touchpad illustrates, the default pointer is one or more circles that represent the position of each finger on the touchpad.

Although I personally prefer circle pointers and find them especially well-suited for multitouch, some users of the Transformer are driven mad by this style of pointer(s) and desire the single “traditional” arrow style mouse pointer of yesteryear.

If you desire to use the single arrow pointer, start by tapping or clicking Apps in the top right corner of the Home screen. Next open Settings, select Language & input category, then scroll the right section down to the Mouse and trackpad settings heading. Next, select Touchpad pointer style and finally Mouse cursor mode in the center dialog window.

Return once more to the Home screen and you will then see the traditional arrow style pointer move in concert with your touchpad finger.

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  1. would be nice to know when you need the circular pointer for multi touch. i never require one then… the circular one is where you put your finger(s) and is quite useless as far as i can see.

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  3. unfortunately I only have the pointer speed option. How else can I change the appearance?

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