Posted by: glasskeys | 07/28/2011

How to create Keynote presentations for the iPad & iPhone.

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In preparation for my upcoming presentation on tablets at my local community library, I have decided to utilise the built-in feature of the iPad to display presentation slides for my audience to view the slides on a projector.

My approach has been to create my presentation on my Mac using the desktop version of Keynote, and placing the presentation file in iTunes so that the Keynote app on the iPad will be able to display the slides. Follow these steps to use Keynote for your own presentations.

If you do not have Keynote for your Mac, you can purchase it on the Mac App Store, and at the time of this writing the cost is $20 (USD). Create your presentation and when finished and supremely happy with the results – save and place the presentation file in your Documents folder.

Next, open iTunes and attach your iPad to your desktop computer via the USB cable. We need iTunes so we can “attach” the presentation to Keynote. Click the Apps tab, and scroll to the bottom to the File Sharing section and select Keynote in the Apps box. Next click the Add… button found under the Keynote Documents box. Select the presentation file saved in your Documents folder. Click the Apply button at bottom right of the iTunes window so that the files are synced to your iPad, and when this process is complete, please remember to properly eject your iPad before disconnecting it from the USB cable.

After disconnecting your favourite touch-screen tablet, open Keynote and tap the + button at top left of the Keynote window, to copy from iTunes. In the Copy from iTunes window select the desired presentation, and it will be imported for use by Keynote.

Finally, you may view individual slides by tapping at left, or view full screen by tapping the arrow button located at the top right corner of the screen. Buy some popcorn and enjoy the show! Get Keynote for the iPad and iPhone here.

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