Posted by: glasskeys | 07/05/2011

Tablet Devices presentation at High Point Public Library, NC (USA).

Tablet Devices

Cheers to Nic Covington for his great work on this flyer for the Tablet Devices presentation I will be giving later this month on July 30th from 2-4 PM at the High Point Public Library, North Carolina USA.

Thanks again for your hard work, advice, and dedication to this project Nic!
For further information, contact Nic at (+1) 336-883-8512.

Flyer available for direct download here.


  1. Thank you so much for the presentation at the High Point Library yesterday. I learned an enormous amount and came away wanting to know more. Your professionalism and passion for your topic was evident. Now that I am aware of your website I will make intensive use of it. If you plan a more advanced workshop I would like to attend.

    Judy Garner

    • Judy,

      Thank you for the kind comments. I do have more advanced topics in mind for presentation, however you can also join the Triad iPad and tablet computer user group to meet in a more informal setting and bring up a topic or question.


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