Posted by: glasskeys | 05/25/2011

How to use Dropbox with the Nook Color.

Todays tutorial will demonstrate how to use Dropbox with the Nook Color. Although there is not a dedicated Dropbox application for the Nook Color yet, there is a way to use Dropbox via a web interface. There are limitations though, for starters the Nook Color is fairly “locked down” and will permit uploads of Gallery images, music tracks and QuickOffice documents, Although all downloads appear to have a final destination in the My Downloads folder, not all file types will open. For example, I have tried using this technique to open a downloaded APK file AKA Android App purchased on the Android Market and the Nook would not permit execution and recognised it was not purchased on the Nook App shop.

To begin open the Nook web browser with a tap of the Web button on the Nook menu:

Tap the button on the top right of the window to view options, then tap the More Options button at the bottom of this list:

Next you will see the More Options menu appear. There is no rational reason to why the handful of functions in the “More Options” menu (very descriptive BTW) should not appear in the first options menu. This will be a mystery to all sans the headless corporate committee that designed this menu. Regardless, tap Settings after the More Options menu is shown:

Tap Browser Mode only if the browser is in Mobile Browser Mode.

Tap the Desktop Browser Mode radio button if not selected (no green dot in centre):

Browser Mode now shows that Desktop Browser is the current mode of operation:

Tap the Back button until you are back to the browser and in the address bar type

You will now need to turn your Nook landscape and tap the Upload button near the centre of the page:

When the “Upload to Dropbox” window appears, tap the basic uploader link, the normal Dropbox upload mechanism does not work properly with the Nook Color browser. This of course means that you must select each upload file individually, instead of the richer multi-select functionality normally present with the default Dropbox web interface:

Tap the Choose File button:

For demonstration purposes I am going to walkthrough the upload of an ogg music file that is present on every Nook Color reader:

I tapped the Buzzer Alarm sound file:

The Alarm_Buzzer.ogg should now be visible. If this is so, tap the blue Upload file button:

After upload the Alarm_Buzzer.ogg file is listed in Dropbox and is now available for download on another device:

To download files from Dropbox to the Nook Color, tap the “line” the file resides. In this example I wish to download the FinalBounce.mp3 file to my Nook:

A menu quickly appears with options to view Previous versions, Download file, Move, Rename, Copy, or Delete. I chose the Download File option:

Whilst downloading, at the bottom left an animated down arrow appears and halts when the file transfer is finished. Tap the double arrow icon to see the notification window, then tap the name of the file to open the media player:

The media file then opens in with the Nook music player:

Downloaded files will be placed in the My Downloads folder. To navigate to this tap Library on the main Nook menu, then the My Files button at the top of the screen. The local folders appear for navigation. Drill down through the Media folder, My Files folder, and finally the My Downloads folder, this is where the MP3 file and any other Dropbox downloads reside.


  1. Better to change the rom to cm7 and have a full Andrid system

    • Julio,

      You are not off the mark mate. I mention the CM7 option in this post regarding the sorry state of the Nook Color developer programme at the time. These days I mainly use it for quick reading during lunchtimes at work, and light browsing duties mainly, although my primary intention in purchasing it was to pursue Android development.

      CM7 is a great rom and I am using it on a Viewsonic G tablet and am very happy with its performance. Rumour has it the Viewsonic G tab was the “hardware prototype” of the Xoom. Both share the same processor etc. The Xoom has the additional camera and 3g/4G capability, but they share very similar hardware otherwise. I have even read reports of the Viewsonic G performance exceeding the Xoom’s after custom rom installation. Don’t know if any of the rumours are true, but they provide interesting reading and food for thought.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. If you’re interested in dropbox, and want some extra space to get you started, sign up with my link – to get an extra 250mb on top of your starting 2gb :)

    • Josh,

      I forgot to post my bl**dy referral link, but since you cleverly seized the opportunity – more power to you I say – in fact, I will insert your dropbox referral link in the post itself.


  3. Wow :D Thanks, I’m honoured! I wish I could return the favour :( Make sure to insert yours in your next dropbox-related post (I’m sure you can think of something :P )

  4. Any idea how to get the mobile dropbox to work, or does this require rooting? I downloaded it and then the app installer failed, said I had to archieve/umarcheive

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