Posted by: glasskeys | 03/16/2011

State of the Nook Developer Program: #DIV/0!

I have found three excellent sources of information on software development for the Nook Color. All three seem to be active and freely provide information to members of their development communities:

It seems a bit odd that this situation is occurring, and is not the normal way to build a development community by a company, because it is usually the company selling a device or software tool that has the most active online community. Perusing the official forums further, I discovered that annoyance with lack of information, and blatant disregard for questions on documentation, release schedules and other information have many developers extremely frustrated and at the boiling point.

Case in point: Ten days ago I placed a post on the Nook Developer forums asking for more documentation, source examples and other information on programming for the Nook platform that developer members are promised (see bottom of page) they will be provided before joining the program. This request is common practice in the IT industry & I assumed I would be provided the information in a forum post, or emailed the information, or told by a fellow forum member the location. I have yet to receive a response.

Developers are not the only group frustrated, the Nook customer base is now also becoming disgruntled they are unable to purchase the nifty apps from the Nook Application store as promised. Both groups are either endlessly placated with a “in the works” or “real soon now” as developers are.

Conclusion: If you want to do tablet development on the Android platform on the cheap, purchase a Nook Color and root it as Brett Arends of the Wall Street Journal did. However, if you are interested in stock Nook development, don’t even bother. The message is clear: You are not considered important enough for us to bother with.

Because the year is 2011 and companies or people who want real developer communities just do it. Ask this guy.


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