Posted by: glasskeys | 03/09/2011

Twitter problems….

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Recently I have had some problems with my Twitter application on the iPad becoming unstable. Immediately after starting the application on the iPad the application would crash, leaving me despondently staring at my Home screen and icons.

If you are having the same problems, I highly recommend you try Echofon as a Twitter client on your iPad or iPhone. I tried the free version for the iPad for a couple of days, and immediately liked the Echofon way of doing things, especially whilst reading web pages. In the screen shots above, I show myself opening a web page link received via tweet, and how it appears in the Echofon client.

I actually decided to purchase the application, which removes the adverts present in the free version, and at $4.99 (USD) it is a small price to pay for a reliable Twitter client.

Verdict: Select either the paid or free iPad versions here, or iPhone versions here.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing software reviewed on this site.

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