Posted by: glasskeys | 03/08/2011

Update your Nook Color software version: Step-by-step instructions.

After purchase of my Nook Color eBook reader, I became aware that the “Software version” (OS and other key programs) has been updated to 1.1.0 and it was available for download.

* * * UPDATE (May 02 2011) – Version 1.2.0 instructions here.* * *

This page on the Barnes & Noble website has instructions, click the Get Version 1.1.0 Today text so that they will appear.

To new users, some of the steps may be slightly confusing in the provided instructions. So I have provided a simple step by step walk-through to assist in these areas.


First determine if you need the update. Using the bottom toolbar select the Settings gear, and tap Device Info. In the Device Info screen, tap About your Nookcolor. Software version is displayed on this screen, if it is 1.1.0 or higher do not continue further.

On the other hand, if your software does need updated, click this link to download the update to your computer.

After the download is finished, connect your Nook Color to your computer using the “special” Nook USB cable. A blue notification will appear telling you that you are now ready to transfer files to your Nook Color. The following photo illustrates this:
Blue Nook Dialog.

Next copy the zip file to the Nook. Do not extract or “unzip” the file, simply copy it to the Nook:
Copying zipped update file to Nook.

The progress window will disappear and the file should be ~173.6MB in size, after fully transferred to the Nook. Make sure to safely eject or unmount your Nook from your computer, before disconnecting the device from the USB cable:
File copied to Nook.

Next per the instructions – allow your Nook to go into sleep mode, the screen will turn off and at this point begins updating itself. Refrain from using the power button to turn off the Nook, as the update may not either start or finish installing properly. To determine if your update ran and has finished, tap the small green visible on the bottom toolbar:
Green ∩ button.

Look for the message “New Software Update version 1.1.0” to determine if the update was successful:
Message displayed after ∩ button pressed.

You are now ready for new 1.1.0 features such as using pinches in the built-in browser to resize web pages.

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