Posted by: glasskeys | 02/04/2011

How to add or remove iPad keyboard layouts.


The following walk-through will show you how to change your iPad keyboard to match your native language.

To start open Settings, then tap General and Keyboard. The Keyboard menu will appear with general keyboard settings presented, tap International Keyboards at bottom.

Tap Add New Keyboard… and select a language from the vast list available. Tap the name of the language to make the selection. The new keyboard language name selected will immediately appear on the Keyboards screen. To remove a keyboard language from this list tap the Edit button, then the “-” button to the left of the layout that needs removed. A Delete button will appear, tap this to remove the layout.

To further customise the layout, tap the language and a veritable cornucopia of language specific options are presented. (see German keyboard options image)

Tap the Globe key placed at the left of the space-bar to change keyboard layout “on the fly” (see Changing keyboard language image). The name of the language selected briefly appears on the space-bar after selection has been made.


  1. AWESOME, thanks for the info, I was going crazy with the split keyboard…

  2. That works to add, but how about to remove?

  3. Noted: it also switches on the German spell-checker!

  4. works for all the above situations.

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