Posted by: glasskeys | 02/03/2011

“The Daily” and IOS updates…

Last night I was decided I was going to write a review of “The Daily” iPad application and noticed it requires version 4.2 of IOS. So I started thinking about how a person would be able update his or her iPad IOS version, if one had no wi-fi or traditional internet connection available. No connection includes both the iPad and the iTunes “docking computer” and the only connection possible being 3G.

An interesting Gedanken experiment to be sure.

I started with this idea and started faffing about with it in the late hours of the night and discovered it is possible, once again using my favourite iPad Swiss Army knife known as GoodReader. Details will be posted soon.

If you bore of GoodReader related posts; never fear, I have some Atomic Web Browser, & Skype tips & tricks up my sleeve as well.

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