Posted by: glasskeys | 02/24/2013

How to stop erratic screen dimming on Surface Pro tablets.

  Settings.   Control Panel.   Power Options.  
  Tap the “Choose when to turn off display” link.   Change advanced power settings.   Display – “adaptive brightness” settings.  
      Click Apply and close setting windows.      

(To view a larger image with a more detailed description tap or click a thumbnail.)

Although the Windows 8 platform is a great platform for tablet and touch screen devices, there remain some areas that Microsoft could improve upon. One of these areas is the feature known as Adaptive Brightness. The intended goal of adaptive brightness is to automatically adjust screen brightness settings to match ambient light levels. In plain English this means: “If it is bright outside, make the screen brighter. If in a dark room, dim the screen a bit.”

Sounds good…in theory. In reality, this “feature” is as adaptive as the extinct dodo or sabre-tooth tiger. Dimming the screen at random intervals (usually whilst watching video or engaged in productive pursuits), makes this Windows 8 feature as welcome as Clippy was to users of Office ’97.

The least frustrating solution I have found to fix adaptive brightness, is to turn it off entirely.

To do this on your Windows 8 tablet, navigate to Control Panel, then Power Options. Tap the “Choose when to turn off display” link, then the “Change advanced power settings” link. In the Power Options window, scroll down and expand the Display section – buried inside this is the Enable adaptive brightness setting group. For each option in this group, select the off value in each drop-down.

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  1. Works great


    • How is the weather in Miami?

  3. Thanks, what a royal pain in the a$$ that was when trying to read my books on my SP3.

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