Posted by: glasskeys | 01/15/2012

Using the Wired Magazine app on the iPad.

  Wired Magazine in the Newsstand.   Monthy Editions.  
  Some editions are free.   Edition size is 380 MB.  
  Tap view to read edition.   Tap 3rd button to see article list.  
  Selecting article.   Listen to a sound clip.  
  Progress bar playing sound.
(Text bubble is mine.)
  Article landscape.  

(To view a larger image with a more detailed description tap or click a thumbnail.)

Occasionally one likes to sit back and enjoy a good read. Since tablets are ideal for this activity, it is nice if a favourite magazine reproduces regular print based content for a tablet, and adds extra features best suited for a tablet. Wired has done an exemplary job in this regard adding 360 degree views of objects, video clips, sound snippets and other interactive niceties for their iPad edition of the magazine.

If you are unsure if you want to purchase a full blown subscription or pay for only one, Wired has graciously given selected editions of the magazine away and available as free downloads as the screen-shots above illustrate. The only major downside to the whole experience is waiting for the massive size of the editions to fully download as they are most often in excess of 350 MB. Wired has thought of this scenario evidently — you may view some of the edition content whilst the download is in progress.

Verdict: Try out Wired Magazine available from the App Store here.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing software reviewed on this site.

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