Posted by: glasskeys | 12/29/2011

Connecting Windows 7 Starter machines to Asus tablets.

Yesterday I discovered that Windows 7 Starter edition — generally installed on lower end laptops and it’s ilk — isn’t as good at connecting to the Asus Transformer as the Win 7 Home or Professional versions I have used on other machines.

So what to do? Crawling the Asus website I found the easiest solution was to install a software utility called the Eee Pad PC Suite. After unraring the utility, running the installation file, and a quick restart (it is Windows after all), my knockabout laptop had no problems “talking” to the Asus Transformer tablet.

Follow these steps to get your basic laptop communicative with Android:

  • First, get the free 7-Zip utility used to extract the RAR file you will download.
  • Second, browse to the Asus download support page here.
  • Third, type the model number into the search box. This is actually the reliable way as the Select model manually option does not work on all browsers.
    If using…
      a Slider type SL101.
      a Transformer type TF101.
      a Transformer Prime type TF201.
    Click the search button.
  • You should see your tablet as a link at the bottom in the search results, click it.
  • On the OS screen select Android as the OS.
  • Finally you will be given a host of items to choose for download. Select Utilities, then select the Eee Pad PC Suite (PC version) file for download. The file will have a .RAR extension, and after downloading use the 7-Zip utility to extract. Upon extraction run the executable. After installation, restarts, ad nauseum you will be able to see your tablet in the system tray as you would any other USB device.

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