Posted by: glasskeys | 09/22/2011

How to change time zones and time format on Android phones and tablets.

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The screenshots above illustrate Android techniques for using 24-hour time format, (AKA “military time” in America) as well as the technique for setting the clock manually instead of using automatic settings.

There are many areas scattered about the globe that do not follow standard GMT based time zone behaviour. Indiana in America is a famous example, certain Australian localities, even entire countries such as Venezuela.

Complicating matters further, not all countries implement Daylight Savings Time, and the countries that do continue this archaic practice do not change clocks on the same date worldwide.

Long story short, sometimes it is simply easier to set your tablet or mobile to match the time displayed on the alarm clock next to your bed. To do this on your Android device be sure to un-tick (un-check) the Automatic date & time box so that the Set date and Set time functions are enabled.

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  1. The instructions are fine but when I switch on my tablet at a later point of time, i find that the date & timings are inconsistent with the current date & timings. Hence, I have to keep changing the date & time, every now & then. What should I do so that the tablet shows me the correct date & time, whenever I switch it on.

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