Posted by: glasskeys | 09/09/2011

How to quickly open Settings in Android Honeycomb and CyanogenMod 7.

(To view a larger image with a more detailed description tap or click a thumbnail.)

Today’s brief post on Glasskeys illustrates the concept: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The first four screenshots above detail how one can access a “mini-settings” menu by tapping the clock on an Android Honeycomb Home screen. Tapping the Settings icon once more inside this menu will open the full-fledged Settings application.

The last two shots show the location of the Settings icon on CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) at the top right of the screen (appears as stacked lines). Tapping the clock on the CM7 screen displays a dark grey flap that must be dragged to the bottom of the screen to access a small “mini menu” of common settings items such as wireless, bluetooth, location services and volume control.

The Honeycomb screenshots were taken on the lovely Transformer TF101 and the CyanogenMod photos were taken of a Viewsonic G Tablet with live wallpaper enabled.

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