Posted by: glasskeys | 08/26/2011

How to install system updates on the Asus Transformer (TF101).

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The screenshots above illustrate how to install Android system software updates on an Asus Transformer (TF101) tablet. When updates are available a small icon will appear on the bottom right margin of the screen (an arrow pointing down to a horizontal line). Tap this and the update that “pops up” in a small list. The Transformer will then immediately begin downloading needed updates, patches and other installation files.

The system will reboot showing the outline of the Android robot with gears and a progress bar indicating installation completion – as the second jittery and hastily taken photo above illustrates. When finished installing the updates, the Android home screen appears as normal (sans the update icon), with no further interaction required from you as your system will be using and running the newest software.

Periodically the update icon will appear as new bug fixes, patches, etc. become available, so simply repeat the process above to install future software upgrades for your tablet.

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