Posted by: glasskeys | 08/18/2011

How to take Android screenshots using the Asus Transformer.

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Taking screenshots on Android Honeycomb is a much simpler proposition than on older versions of the OS as it was designed from ground up with tablets in mind. Using the prior versions (<= Android 2.3), often times one had to look on the Android Market for an screenshot app designed specifically for a device and OS flavour, and to complicate matters further often required the use of root privileges to work properly. This state (more like civil war) of affairs was the norm more so on tablets than mobiles.

With Honeycomb, tapping and holding the Recent Apps screen button will take a screenshot and place it in a Screenshots album, and easily perused and viewed using the Gallery application. The Recents button appears as an icon of stacked rectangles located in the bottom left margin of the screen and to the right of the Home icon.

For those more attuned to their Android file system, the location of saved screenshot images are found in /mnt/sdcard/Screenshots. Incidentally – a symlink to the sdcard folder exists in /, so the path /sdcard/Screenshots will also work on Honeycomb tablets.

In some instances this capability may be turned off, so open the Android Settings app, tap Screen on the left hand list, and finally ensure that the Screenshot box is ticked ON. If you take a screenshot, ensure to tap the Yes option when prompted to stay in Screenshot mode.

For those using the Asus Transformer with the optional detachable keyboard, a special screen shot button exists directly above the white-circled “6” key. If this key is pressed, a small notification dialog briefly appears when the screenshot has been saved.

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  1. Afraid things are not as clear-cut as you suggest:

    On the Acer Iconia with Honeycomb 3.2, there is no such Setting, and long-pressing “Recents” does nothing.

    On the HTC ‘jetstream’, there is no such Setting, long-pressing Recents opens the Recents menu, and there is a shortcut for Screenshot but only if you use the magic stylus pen.

    Afraid the battle for “screenshot neutrality” is far from over.

  2. I think this article only applies to asus tablets (works on my slider) because I’m pretty sure the manufacturers can alter the android os before distribution.

  3. Does not work on my transformer

    • Do you have the Transformer or Transformer Prime?

  4. Works fine on my ASUS Slider. I did have to go to Settings and turn screenshot on, but after that it worked. My first screenshot is this article.

    • Thanks for the info Chuck. Cheers, Stephen – For fanatics of touchscreen computing.

      • I really appreciate posts like this, they are hard to stumble on but are much appreciated. I’m a novice in the Android world and depend on this guidance to find the features that are hidden. Where is the Android for Dummies link tht tells you how to unearth the hidden features? I found that screen shots were available with ICS if you press Volume Down and Power Off at the same time. Who would have tried this do discover that it works? I did manage to make it work on the display model at Best Buy on their ASUS Transformer Prime with 4.0.3 running. It took several tries and I didn’t know that this method was already available on my Slider. If this is an add-on by ASUS it adds to my list of why I went with the Slider when I chose from the world of tablets available. I hope this functionality doesn’t disappear when they upgrade me to ICS (supposedly this month sometime).

        • It’s still there. The “recent window” method no longer works however.

          • I got it to work on the Transformer at Best Buy that had been upgraded to ICS. Unfortunately my Slider hasn’t been upgraded yet but they claim it is in the works.

  5. For Asus transformer ICS depress the volume (-) rocker and power button simultaneously.

    • The log press of the recent apps still works on my Asus Slider with ICS.

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