Posted by: glasskeys | 07/20/2011

How to set animated live wallpaper background on Android CyanogenMod.

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Live wallpapers are the traditional wallpaper background image taken a step further, they are animated and are constantly changing. Unlike iOS devices which offer no animated backgrounds, Android and CyanogenMod includes a variety of styles and colours to choose from “out of the box”.

To set your Android “Live wallpaper” do the following: On the Home screen tap and hold until you see the Add to Home screen dialog, and select Wallpapers at bottom. In the following Select wallpaper from dialog, select Live wallpapers.

A new dialog appears listing a slew of animation styles and themes. Some of my favourites are: Grass – blades of grass gently moving with the wind. Magic Smoke – smoke of different colours moving and swirling about your screen. Lastly on the fave list is Nexus, with animated patterns of dots moving in different directions on the screen.

After selecting the wallpaper theme or type, further customisation is permitted by tapping the Settings button at bottom-centre. Tap to Change will cycle through the different options of a given wallpaper. To select an option for use, tap the OK button, then finally Set Wallpaper and your home screen will now actively use your custom “Live wallpaper”.

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