Posted by: glasskeys | 07/12/2011

Jersey GTL for the iPad.

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Today I will do something I haven’t done for quite awhile on review a game. Recently I became aware of Jersey GTL – a fun, irreverent game, reminiscent of a NES game of the mid-80s.

The basic premise behind Jersey GTL isn’t mind shattering in the slightest – navigate a glorious 8-bit character along the New Jersey Boardwalk whilst dodging a slew of juiced-up bully boys, score some action with the birds, and stock up on points by finding food, pints, and swag lying about, occasionally rejuvenating yourself with trips to the gym and tanning booth. Oddly enough, the tan rendered in the 8-bit “retro style” still appears better than the “orange Smurf” look commonly preferred by New Jersey’s real-world citizenry.

The only minor issue I found with the game is that is doesn’t pick up on the orientation of your iPad when you first start the game so you will need to turn it upside-down 180 degrees unless your formula for your gaming challenge = Nostalgia • Πr. Other than this minor inconvenience at start-up (which most likely will be fixed with the next update), the game is responsive, with the sound and look completely duplicating the feel and experience of a classic NES game.

Verdict: Easy to play, nostalgic, and a good distraction if you just want a quick bit of fun. Get Jersey GTL here at the App Store.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing software reviewed on this site.


  1. Hi,

    I like this game. It’s pretty addictive. I like the music lol

    • Danny,

      Yes, great stuff. Fun experience all-around.


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