Posted by: glasskeys | 06/17/2011

Use ezPDF Reader on the Nook Color to read and bookmark PDF documents.

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After recently attempting some workarounds to enable a bookmarking type of functionality with the sorry excuse for a PDF viewer that ships stock with the Nook Color, I decided instead to try one of the PDF viewer applications available on the Nook Color app shop.

In reality, a customer shouldn’t need to purchase a very good and freely available PDF reader for an Android OS based tablet (BeamReader springs to mind), especially one that touts itself primarily as an eBook reader. I suppose the profit & loss statement is of more importance to B&N than allowing users to use their device as a fully functional eBook reader without paying more for the privilege.

Given this bizarre situation, I chose to take a chance on a relatively inexpensive PDF reader that supported bookmarking — frankly any PDF viewer for use on a tablet based device that doesn’t support this feature is near useless and more bother than it is worth to use. ezPDF Reader I happily report does not fall into this camp and enables the Nook Color to be used as a proper PDF reader.

Upon starting the application the first time, a short initialisation procedure begins, and options at top enable you to search for your PDF documents by different methods. The easiest method upon initial use is the All PDF button: the app finds all PDF documents on your Nook Color organised by location. Open a folder in the resulting list and tap a PDF to view it. If you have been using ezPDF Reader and have previously opened PDF documents, you may instead opt to use the Recent button to rapidly switch between recently opened documents instead of crawling through your entire collection using the All PDF feature. I actually found opening large PDF documents with 800+ pages faster whilst using ezPDF Reader on my Nook Color than I did using the Adobe Reader application on a desktop computer.

Bookmarking is a snap, but for most uses it is not needed as ezPDF Reader automatically remembers the last page you were on in a PDF document and will return to the same page the next time the PDF book is opened. This still works even if you open other PDFs afterwords then return to a document much later.

Frankly the only thing that would be better about ezPDF Reader is if it could be made to be the default PDF reader instead of the sad excuse of a “Reader” app that is bundled with the Nook.

Verdict: Get ezPDF Reader on the Nook App shop — $1.99 (US) is a small price to pay for a quality PDF reader, it’s too bad though that we have to pay extra for an app to make our eBook reader tablet a proper eBook reader tablet.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing software reviewed on this site.


  1. Could you help me? I bought the app., can start it on my Nook, see my pdf files, but it won’t open them. I t keep going back to the apps page on my Nook–or wherever I was before. I’m a bit frustrated, and a bit tech illterate.

    Thank you

    • I had the same problem. You are probably out of storage space on your Nook. Even though your files might be located in an SD card, ezPDFReader will copy them over to the internal storage.

  2. I admit I am flummoxed, but when apps generally start acting dodgy (and this applies to the iPad) I fully power off and restart the device.

    Press and hold the Power button (the physical button on the outside top left edge) until you see the “Turn off Nook Color” appear in the white box, and tap the “Power off” button inside the white box.

    A blue box will briefly display “Powering off..” and your Nook will be fully powered off. Turn the Nook Back on and you will see the “Read forever” message and power up sequence.

    After the nook is back up and you see your normal background, try using ezPDF Reader again. If you continue experiencing difficulties let me know.

    Kind regards,

  3. Thank you for responding!! I did that and it didn’t work. When I 1st open the app, there was a website that needed to be visited. It said to do it on a computer, I did. But I think that file has something to do with it not working. I tried downloading to my Nook, but it says not enough space. So I bought a SD card and am going to try that. Based on the info on the B&N blog, this is what needs to be done–though there is some debate about it. But will try and let you know.

  4. That didn’t work either. HELP!! Please.

  5. Finally got it with some help from the B&N chat online guy. Needed to re-register my device–what a pain. But it made the app work. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the update. When my stock Nook Colour ever runs out of memory, I now know how it will behave!
      Kind regards,

  6. как перекомпаноиать текст?

    • Manwell,

      Он будет изменить, чтобы соответствовать, если чтение в ландшафтном режиме, я часто читал PDF книги на обед и предпочитают читать в альбомной ориентации.

      Я надеюсь, что ответил на ваш вопрос.

      С уважением,

  7. I was wondering if you could help me, I have downloaded an e-book from the online college I am going to. I am able to open it with the ez reader, but all of the pages are black with the exception of the cover and some of the chapter pages, but the “real” important information is displayed as black pages. Has this ever happened to you? If not, what do you suggest, Thanks!


    • Mary,

      Most likely the content is locked down with Digital Rights Management (DRM). Rights mind you are applicable only to publishers, not the citizen’s.

      If this is the case, almost certainly your college makes a specialised third-rate PDF viewer, that decrypts the content, allowing you to read this material.

      I hope this helps, and best wishes,

  8. This may be a stupid question, but will the annotations you make using this app be transferable to PC? As a graduate student, I’m constantly switching between devices but this becomes cumbersome when notes or highlights that I make on a sideloaded PDF document are wiped once I switch back to my PC.

    • Lily,

      My first guess–doubtful, but I will give it the “old college try” and get back shortly.

      Enjoy your holiday break,

  9. Just a heads up, I just updated my nook color to the 1.4.1 and it now will bookmark PDF’s without downloading a new app.

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