Posted by: glasskeys | 05/31/2011

How to save Dropbox files locally with Android Cyanogen Mod 7.

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I use Cyanogen Mod 7 with my Viewsonic G tablet and recently needed to access and download a file saved in Dropbox. In times past most of the files were text documents that I could use the built in viewer in Dropbox to manipulate. However some files such as APK (Android applications) or music files I prefer to access in a different manner or place in another location in the CM7 filesystem. I use the native Android application available for free on the Android Market here.

The key point to remember is to tap and hold the file you wish to download so that a menu will appear giving you further options (Open, Download, Share…, and Delete). The location of downloaded files using the File Manager application will be found in Home(root folder)/mnt/sdcard/dropbox.

If using the Terminal Emulator application, simply type the text following each “$” prompt to view a list of currently downloaded files:
$ cd /sdcard/dropbox
$ ls

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  1. Hi, is ti possible to automaticly download files to android instead of one by one?

  2. Sorry it took a bit to get back to you mate. At this time I am not aware of anyway to force these to download on Android devices. There may be a setting file hidden on the filesystem that may change this behaviour.

    You pose an interesting question that I will have to investigate further.

    Kind regards,

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