Posted by: glasskeys | 04/25/2011

How to use VLC to fix music lists and play order on the Nook.

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Recently whilst using my Nook Color to listen to instructional music files in the built-in music player, I noticed the player was displaying my album tracks in a seemingly haphazard order although the filenames of the MP3 files sorted perfectly in the library. After investigation I discovered that the Nook uses the metadata of the MP3 files to determine how tracks are sorted.

Luckily, knowing that the free VLC application enables one to edit the metadata of MP3 files, I was able to ensure the Title, Author, Album and other track information for each file was entered properly. Of key importance was ensuring that each track number used two digits, so that the names would be sorted properly in alphabetical order.

Get VLC for Mac, Linux or Windows here.

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