Posted by: glasskeys | 04/11/2011

Convert and view movies on the Nook Color: Step-by-step instructions

This tutorial will show you how to convert legally purchased DVD content to watch on your Nook Color. Although the solution as presented will only work on Mac OS X — there are many free and open source solutions available on the Windows platform to rip your purchased DVD content.

Two free prerequisites will be needed installed before starting. The first is an application called VLC and the second is called Handbrake which is the actual program used to convert and rip content from a DVD.

According to the Handbrake Wiki page: “Handbrake cannot at present encode from DRM-encrypted videos purchased from iTunes or found on DVD or Blu-Raydiscs. However, if VLC is installed under a Unix-based system, encrypted DVDs can be read as well.”

Because Mac OS X is a Unix based OS, this explains the need for VLC. Download and install VLC first, then do the same for Handbrake.

After installing the applications choose a video from your library:

I chose the movie WestWorld:

Open HandBrake and select your DVD:

Change the following video settings, then click the Picture Settings button:

Change the Width to 640, and tick Keep aspect ratio. Do not adjust the Height. I also choose the Deinterlace Picture option although this is not required:

Change Audio settings, then click the Start button:

Encoding, this step generally takes 30-40 minutes for a standard length movie:

Handbrake will perform the muxing operation:

After Handbrake is finished, right-click the video file and choose Copy in Finder:

Connect your Nook Color to your Mac using the “special” USB cable and paste the movie file to the Nook Videos folder:

A window will display progress. Generally, converted movies will be 700MB and upwards in size.

Be sure to eject the Nook before disconnecting the USB cable:

Tap the Library button on the Nook menu:

Tap the movie name to watch. NOTE: Occasionally the Nook will tell you it is unable to display the movie, ignore this warning and tap the movie file again to play.

Enjoy the movie!

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