Posted by: glasskeys | 04/08/2011

How to set Auto-Correction, Spell Check, & Caps Lock on the iPad & iPhone.

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Today’s quick tip shows how to change the following settings on the iPad and iPhone:
     • Auto-Capitalization
     • Auto-Correction
     • Check Spelling
     • Enable Caps Lock
     • “.” Shortcut

Open Settings, select the General category, then tap Keyboard and the toggle switches for the settings above will be visible. One aspect of these settings you should be made aware of is that Check Spelling can only be used if the Auto-Correction switch is toggled to the On position.

I turn Auto-Correction off on my iPhone, as I like to abbreviate in text messages, yet love using the feature on the iPad. The “.” Shortcut I find useful on both devices, (insertion of a period followed by space) if the space bar is tapped twice.

Also necessary for my sanity is the Caps Lock switch toggled ON. This permits Shift key double-taps to turn on Caps Lock mode. After double-taps the Shift key turns a blue colour indicating Caps Lock is on. Tapping the Shift key once again halts Caps Lock mode enabling resumption of normal behaviour.


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