Posted by: glasskeys | 04/05/2011

How to add or remove photo albums and events to an iPad or iPhone.

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Recently I was asked by a friend on how to prevent a photo album from appearing on her iPad, which led me to believe others are having the same problem -and- gave me a great incentive to write this tip. If you are experiencing this issue yourself you can easily use the following steps to help customise the albums and events that appear on your iPad or iPhone also.

Attach your iDevice to your computer and open iTunes, making sure the correct iPad or iPhone is selected in the Devices section. Click the Photos tab, then check the Sync Photos from iPhoto box. Ensure that the Selected albums and events, and automatically include option is set to No Events. Tick item(s) in both the Albums and/or Events to select only the image collections you wish to appear on your iPad or iPhone. When finished selecting photo albums and events, click the Apply button to push the new image settings to your device.

Finally, be sure to unmount or eject the device before physically disconnecting it from your computer.

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