Posted by: glasskeys | 03/26/2011

How to download Google Video files for local viewing on the iPad & iPhone.

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Many iPad and iPhone users are not aware they are able to view Google Videos or save locally for offline viewing. Saving video locally is sometimes needed before taking long flights, visiting areas with poor 3G service (the continental US), or for use in a learning environment where waiting for a large video to download “real-time” is not practical.

Google Video was Google’s implementation of a video service to compete with YouTube before outright purchasing it late 2006. Since then most of the emphasis has been on YouTube, but a surprising number of full length educational videos, documentaries and hidden gems like the Google Technical Speaker Series are still found on the remnants of Google Video. For purposes of illustration, (and entertainment) I chose a talk in the Technical Speaker series given by a personal hero of mine Andy Hertzfeld for this tutorial.

To begin, open Safari as normal on your iPad or iPhone, navigate to Type “Andy Hertzfeld” (without quotes) in the text field, then tap the Search button. Make sure that is selected under the Any Source section. Tap the Andy Hertzfeld at Google New York link. Safari will now open the video. Select All and Copy the URL (web address) of the video from the white text field at the top of the window.

Now open the GoodReader application, tap Web Downloads, then Enter URL. The URL copied in Safari should already be in the Enter URL to download dialog, tap OK. GoodReader will then proceed to download the Google Video and will place the file in the My Documents folder when finished. To watch the video, tap the file name. Be sure to remove the file when done viewing it offline. This can be accomplished by opening Manage Files, selecting video file under My Documents, then tapping the red Delete button. Tap Done button to finish.

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