Posted by: glasskeys | 03/24/2011

A review of iPad and eReader cases and protective sleeves.

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After purchasing my iPad 2 I was asked if I needed any accessories such as the new Smart Cover for my tablet-sized treasure. Although the new Smart Cover is indeed a clever design, I still prefer cases instead of covers, and designs that I personally find not quite so ugly and tacky looking.

First, I will begin by mentioning the Saddleback Leather Company, recommended by a nice gentleman in queue at the Apple store recently. These well made leather cases are handcrafted with a 100 year guarantee, and at the time of this writing the company web site states the iPad 2 cases will be ready in early April 2011. My assumption is that the existing sleeves sold by the company would be sufficient for use with the iPad 2 now. To see the durability of these cases in action watch a soft spoken bloke named Dave trying to destroy an iPad protected inside a Saddleback Co. leather case.

Next a recommendation by a friend, is a company named Oberon Design. They produce a variety of leather goods and offer many colours and designs for the original iPad, as well as the Nook and Nook Color among other devices. No word yet on the Oberon Design web site if or when iPad 2 cases will be available.

Yet another recommendation by a fellow iPad fanatic is from a company named Booq, makers of the the BooqPad Agenda for the iPad 2.

For those less inclined towards leather, I read that the Wenger Legacy Laptop Sleeve will protect an iPad quite nicely (see the review). The company also manufactures a similar case designed for eReaders such as the Nook.

Another non-leather option is from a company called Gelaskins. Their solution is a gell based protection for the iPad and iPad 2 with many attractive patterns and designs by talented artists. Rare amongst iPad 2 case vendors, they also sell covers to protect only the back of the iPad 2. Gelaskins also enables you create your own design using one of your own custom images. They also have attractive skins for the Nook Color, there is one in particular I have my eye on.

Finally, if you are either on a budget or waiting for a vendor to sell your favourite iPad 2 case, you can go to a local Dollar Tree, get a cheap case designed for netbooks, then make two small cuts to permit an iPad easy entry. Cost: $1 USD.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company producing merchandise reviewed on this site.

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