Posted by: glasskeys | 03/14/2011

Use Clear to cut connection costs.

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Prior to the purchase of my new iPad 2, I made a personal pact with myself to keep my limit of having two AT&T bills a month. Although not dissatisfied with their coverage in my local area, the company & I part ways on the meaning of the term normal use. My first generation iPad has the original unlimited data contract, but using 3G service on my iPhone 4 and new iPad 2 for prolonged time, could potentially cost exorbitant amounts. For this reason I chose the wifi only iPad 2 model. Therefore, I decided to investigate alternatives.

I discovered Clear, and use it (not abuse it) for my normal everyday Internet provider service. It is 4G, has great coverage in my local environs of the North Carolina “Triad” area in America, and the bill is reasonable. Oh yes, unlimited for $55 USD/mth. on month to month contract, $45/mth. with two year contract (as of date of this post). I also use the portable Clear Spot device and it enables me to take 4G with me.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or employed by any company reviewed on this site.

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