Posted by: glasskeys | 03/13/2011

Select multiple photos to email, delete, copy or print on the iPad & iPhone.

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I have met some new users of the iPad and iPhone that were unsure or unaware of how to select multiple photos in their photo album to do common tasks such as emailing them to another party, deleting unwanted photos, copying to paste in another application, or printing to a connected printer.

Open Photos and a photo album. Tap the button located at the top right of the screen, you will now be able to select multiple photos. The Email, Delete, Copy and Print buttons are now visible in the top left area of the screen. To select a photo, simply tap it once. Once a photo has been selected a small blue check (tick mark) is placed in the corner of the photo. To deselect the photo, tap once more.

For emailing photos, five is the maximum allotted by the system, selecting more disables the Email button.

After performing an operation, you may either click the Home button, or tap the Cancel button at top left to return to normal album view.

Tomorrow I will post a technique on how to send more than five photos in one email.

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