Posted by: glasskeys | 03/05/2011

How to use Home button triple-clicks on the iPad & iPhone.

(To view a larger image with more detailed description tap or click its thumbnail.)

Many people are not aware that the Home button can be designated to perform tasks when triple-clicked on the iPad & iPhone.

To use this feature open Settings, General, Accessibility, and select the Triple-click Home option.

On the Home settings screen four different options are available:

  1. Off – This disables triple-click functionality.
  2. Toggle VoiceOver – Menus and options will be read to you whilst using the Home screen and applications.
  3. Toggle White on Black – All screens are inverse colour a preference for some users during night time use.
  4. Ask – This will prompt you to choose to Turn VoiceOver On, Turn Zoom On or Turn White on Black On.

For the purposes of illustration, I set the triple-click functionality to the Toggle White on Black feature and took the screen shots above. I toggled back to normal view by triple-clicking the Home button once more.


  1. This does not work in latest iOS 13.2.3!

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