Posted by: glasskeys | 02/23/2011

How to update apps on the iPad & iPhone.

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Recently I encountered confusion from a fellow iPad user on the meaning of the red circle in the corner of the App Store icon. I explained that it is the way the App Store notifies an iPad/iPhone user that installed applications need updates, the tally of these appearing in the red circle. I further went on to explain the meaning and purpose of updates, and that they are simply newer versions of apps that may provide features, fix bugs, or produced to take advantage of the newest IOS features. In essense, it really means that apps should be updated on a fairly regular basis to take full advantage of the benefits of doing so.

To update your application(s), perform the following steps: Open the App Store, then tap the Updates button at the bottom right. A list of apps needing updates then appears, you may opt to update everything by tapping the Update All button found at the top right of the window, or a single app of own your choosing. Personally, I usually choose the single app Update option if I am connected via 3G, and reserve Update All for occasions when connected to WiFi. Frozen app updates seem to occur most on 3G when updating more than one app concurrently in my experience.

To update only one application, select it, then tap the blue Update button. This will then change to a green Install button, which of course if tapped, begins the update process for the app.

After choosing either the Update All or single app Update option, you will most likely be prompted to enter your App Store password. Note: Your password is not needed for the purpose of charging you for updates, it is requested so that your iPad or iPhone can be verified as a legitimate device having an authentic app store user account.

The rest is as mundane as watching paint dry. A bar appears indicating update progress, and shortly after it is fully coloured blue, will the application will be updated to its newest, (hopefully) less buggy incarnation.

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