Posted by: glasskeys | 02/13/2011

ColorSplash iPad app review.

(To view a larger image with more detailed description tap or click its thumbnail.)

ColorSplash is an image editing program primarily designed to do one task. It allows you to easily create colour highlights of a photo, and allowing you to greyscale the rest of the photo. Photo effects like these are also all the rage these days.

ColorSplash is one of the best applications for the iPad I have seen to date. It has a clear use in mind, provides a very easy way to accomplish its goal and is mind bogglingly simple to use. The “Red Dot” tool is extremely useful, as well as “display brush” for large brush sizes. The other tools are also easy to understand and use, and the toggle from Color to Gray brush editing is idiot-proof. Zooming for fine-detail work implements the pinch manueover familiar to any user of the iPad. This the same technique used for “zooms” whilst viewing photos. Moving an image took half a minute to get used to, I used two fingers for both zooming and moving the image about.

Also brilliant was the short and useful video that quickly provides a tutorial on how to use the application.

Only one thing could possibly be improved: The “Display brushtip while painting” option is effectively useless using smaller brushes. I would have preferred the option to “offset” the brush tip a short distance from my finger. This is needed so the tip would be able to be seen for the “small nooks and crannies” that need the smaller brush sizes and more precise control.

But as my final images show, this is a very minor issue and a very small obstacle to overcome. A small annoyance, and not insurmountable.

Verdict: Get it, get it, get it.

Again, please note: I am not associated with any application reviewed on this site.

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