Posted by: glasskeys | 02/10/2011

Skype & surf: Do both together on the iPad & iPhone.

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Many iPad & iPhone users do not know it is possible to be speaking to another Skype caller whilst surfing the web at the same time.

I; of course, will be more than honoured to show you how I do this.

First get Skype, setup your user name, account, ad nauseum. After this fun is finished, open Skype, login, and initiate (or receive) a call with someone you hopefully wish to speak with.

Once you are happily & audibly conversing away with the remote party, tap the Chat button and select the remote callers name to initiate a chat session.

The “trick” is to enter a web address in the type message here box, and hit the Send button. Skype will helpfully underline the link for you, all you (or the message recipient) have to do is tap the link and you will then be “surfing the web”.

I have to go: 1996 just Skype’d me and wants its lame catch-phrase back.

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